Application Programming Services

Adding functionality to your web site


Server-side and client-side coding

Hewson Digital currently provide bespoke web application development using PHP . a widely used web server programming language. Javascript is also used, where desirable, to enhance the client-side of the application. These facilitate great flexibility in providing a host of features that are not found in simple static HTML websites.

In order to provide the widest range of options, JAVA is also being introduced to take advantage of it's threaded architecture, portability and widespread use across a range of devices.

Web Standards

Web pages are created in (X)HTML according to your requirements and styled with CSS. Although most work to date has been produced in XHTML, this is increasingly trending towards HTML5. The choice of coding for your site will depend on your target audience.

Database Access

SQL is used to provide database access for applications that are data-driven, often with the backing of a MySQL database as an open source solution. You can be assured of expert database design and administration.

An Open-Source Solution with widely used technologies

The advantage of these common technologies to you is that you are not tied to Hewson Digital to maintain or update your code in the future.

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Representative Applications

The following are a selection of projects undertaken to date for a range of clients:

Bulk SMS Text Messaging

Multi-user, two-way bulk text messaging, delivered over the internet or intranet. Keyword driven message replies enable automatic handling of text messages received by the system. This is used for Mobile Marketing Campaigns, Disaster Recovery, and Competitions. It is utilised by Banks, Insurance Companies, Stockbrokers, Supermarkets, Mail order Companies, Schools, Travel agents and others.

Payment processing

Integration of the clients web application with external payment service provider to enable international delivery of a service.

Registration and authentication

Secure web-based registration for customers to access services.

GPS Tracking

Secure, password protected tracking of multiple GPS devices with provision of associated mapping services delivered over the internet.

Expense Control

An employee expenses reporting system, interfacing into the clients financial and payment systems.

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