Web Site Design & Development Services

Delivering a professional experience to your target audience

Web Design

From basic sites to sophisticated online applications that are limited only by your imagination (and budget). Sites are bespoke and designed with your target audience in mind.

  • You want a simple static site?
  • You want a content-managed site for regular updates?
  • You want a weblog (blog)?
  • You want a dynamic database-driven web application?
  • You want an E-Commerce site (online shop)?
  • You want to feature prominently in the online search engines?
  • You want to embrace the latest web-enabled services?
  • You want a site that can be viewed on multiple modern devices?

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Web Site Hosting

Sites are developed on in-house servers for privacy and convenience.

You are at liberty to take your completed website wherever you like, but rest assured that Hewson Digital can arrange hosting services tailored to your requirements. This offers you the peace of mind of being hosted on a dependable, secure, commercial-grade server with near to 100% availability, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Live hosting of completed sites is provided in state-of-the-art secure UK data centres with high quality servers which are manned 24 hours every day of the year, backed by a very high speed 10Gb network with multiple internet connections for optimal performance. To protect against loss of your valuable data, multiple copies are kept of your website files, databases and emails where applicable. Daily backups are maintained and stored off-site, to guard against a catastrophic disaster in the data centre. The site is protected by CCTV and smart card access restricted to only authorised personnel.

In a nutshell, your site gets the same expert monitoring and protection that used to be reserved for large corporations with very deep pockets!

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Domain Name Services

It is in your best interest to have ownership and control of your own domain. The domain name (web address) is your stake in the ground that marks your place on the world wide web. The name will be unique to your website. You will likely promote your domain name on business cards, brochures, advertising, vehicle livery, and so on. Hewson Digital can assist with choosing, purchasing and configuring an appropriate domain.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Internet Marketing

All websites created by Hewson Digital are designed to be search engine friendly. They will be picked up by the major search engines and ranked accordingly. However, your business may benefit from more extensive analysis and targeting of finely-grained keywords and phrases to improve your ranking in the search engines (primarily Google). It may be worthwhile discussing this at the outset, because good keyword and competitor analysis could help secure a beneficial domain name for the website.

Specific campaigns may also be structured to provide the highest visibility possible within your budget. Depending on your requirements we can discuss realistic expectations of what search engine optimization can mean for you in the long term.

We can carry out SEO work on your website and help with related marketing activities such as pay-per-click (ppc) campaigns. Statistical reports can be produced and analysed to optimise your placement in the major search engines.

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Website Maintenance

Basic site maintenance is provided free of charge with our hosted sites. Non-hosted sites, or those with more complex requirements are charged on an hourly basis. Maintenance contracts are also available with discounts against the normal hourly rate on a sliding scale.

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Content Management System (CMS) sites & Weblogs

Clients wishing to manage future data updates to their own sites may not necessarily require a fully-blown bespoke coded site. For such clients, Hewson can provide content management and blogging sites based on Wordpress (a very popular Open Source software product). The advantage of such software is the flexibility of add-ons, which can increase the functionality of the basic site.

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